This website is not intended to sell properties or anything related to this activity, but to inform the user who owns a real state agency about the best way to promote their business through a website. Real estate agencies and property vendors in particular should be interested in acquiring a website of their own because, today, people use the internet to search for a property and not so much the old way: through the paper or on the street.

But why do you need a website to explain you how to obtain your own website? This is a question that not many will make as a lot of people will be thankful to have someone to help them conceptualize their website as they know little about this subject. For those who know a little bit more about web design, this website will enlighten them and help them come up with new ideas.

In the case of real estate agencies and property sale in general, the esthetic design of the website is not so important: although it is essential that your website transmit the right image, the functionality of your website is more important. A website of this type should allow the user to know in deep everything about the area or particular property of his interest. But don’t get the wrong idea! This is also related to WEB DESIGN. Many believe that design is related to drawing nicely and they are wrong. Design is the discipline that combines the right doses of the esthetics of a piece of work with its functionality to obtain balanced and good results.

On the different sections of this website we will provide what is necessary for you to be in better conditions to start a web design project with a designer. As the design job requires the active participation of the client, our aim is not only to explain how to hire someone to do the job but to explain that you must work with him, providing ideas, accepting or rejecting suggestions, etc. You will learn how to do this with the help provided on every page that makes up this website, which are the following:

"What is Web Design?" This is an introduction page to what the whole website is about. Here you will get to know all about this discipline and the most important characteristics of websites.

"¿What is a Website for?" is a section intended to explain the basic and general functions of a website. This section will help you know, in general terms, what the aim of a website is.

"Sale-Oriented website Applications" is the first section to deal with web design and property sale. This section deals with all you need to know to conceptualize your website intended to sale houses and apartments.

"Property Details" is a section that deals with the multimedia part of a website connected with the properties visual and textual information. In other words, here you will learn how to produce the visual and textual presentation of the properties you want to sale.

"The Competitors" is a section that invites you to take a look at your competitors’ websites before starting to have your own website designed. You will not only get good ideas and see what you wouldn’t do with your website, but you will also get an idea of how complex your website should be. That is to say, if you know what you are confronting you will know how elaborated -and expensive- your website will be.

"Relationship with the Designer" is the last but not least page on this website which offers a reflection on the best way to establish a relationship with the professional you hire.

We welcome you to this website about web design for real estate agencies and property vendors. Thank you for trusting us to help you create this important sale tool. We invite you to take a look to the rest of this website we have created especially for you.